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Ethics Policy

Principles of Ethical Conduct for R-Licenceholders.

  • We as R-licensees always act professionally and accurately which contributes to increased confidence in business and industry of the public, decision-making authorities and the media.
  • We as R-licensees conduct our business activities in a morally unassailable manner and in accordance with good business practice and within the law.
  • We as R-licensees look at our customers, outsourcers and partners who share in a relation with a mutual approach to ethics. Our goal is for everyone involved to be satisfied.
  • We as R-licensees always give a factual representation of our offers and avoids intentionally false, misleading or exaggerated claims.
  • We as R-licensees behave towards colleagues, customers and other stakeholders in a way that we don’t hide the truth. We don’t say things that aren’t true. We are not rude, but we never speak untruths.
  • We as R-licensees is devoted to create good working conditions for our employees and for working towards greater equality and against discrimination. We actively discourage all forms of bullying or harassment.
  • When we as R-licensees see errors and irregularities we hit the alarm. We do not protect those who act unethically or illegally.